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Global Technology at Berenberg

Our Global Technology division as a competitive advantage.

Berenberg's Global Technology division forms the interface between the banking departments of our company and the IT systems and applications.

We are responsible for the new and further development of internal software solutions and accompany and support projects throughout the entire software life cycle. This requires close cooperation with departments and the GT product teams. Product Owners specify the requirements for the Sprintbacklog together with the commissioning department. The agile product teams then develop and ensure the quality of the requirements to be implemented for the IT software systems and the support. In addition, standard software, which is based on internal developments or which represents independent solutions, is implemented into the existing software architecture. The technical support operates and provides IT services for the user. Berenberg has two computer centres with approx. 500 physical servers, data storage devices, network components, communication facilities and data backup equipment. The systems are designed in such a way that the bank's IT operations are guaranteed at all times even in the event of a complete failure of a computer centre.

"We see our Global Technology division as a major competitive advantage. It enables us to design processes and products tailored to our needs and the requirements of our customers. With a standard software we would have much less flexibility," says Hendrik Riehmer, personally liable partner of Berenberg.


As part of our Global Tech Graduate Programme, we offer tech talents the opportunity to apply their skills in an international, future-oriented and agile environment.

In addition to getting to know the different GT areas of the bank, you will use your creativity and problem-solving skills to tackle some of the most innovative and complex technology projects within the bank. Side by side with your innovation mentor, you will work on the development of new software, infrastructure and technologies that will have a major impact on Berenberg's future success. Further information on our graduate programmes can be found here

We have an innovative and future-oriented IT architecture that provides the best possible support for Berenberg's corporate values and that meets regulatory requirements. We are constantly facing the challenge of realigning our GT department with current architectural approaches such as microservices, technologies and systems in combination with agile methods. Technologies such as Jenkins, Bitbucket, Artifactory, Docker, HTML5, Java, Oracle and many more are currently in use, which are complemented by agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanban or SAFe.

As the technology supporting the financial markets evolves, we are also looking at topics such as fintechs, block chain or multibanking, which will be incorporated into the decision-making processes for IT deployment. Permanent change always opens up new opportunities and challenges, which we tackle together in close and personal cooperation across all areas. Openness to new ideas, attitudes and actions is a basic requirement. In this contemporary environment, we offer the opportunity to push ahead with professional and personal goals and to help shape the future of Berenberg in many different ways.